Restorative Alignment

Align – Mobilize – Strengthen

What is it?

Restorative Alignment is a technique that originates from restorative yoga and provides the practitioner with the knowledge to relax the body through gravity and natural breathing, based on the realization of body postures focused on the mobilization of the spine and joints, which restore from the inside, in a conscious and dynamic way, the energetic, emotional and physical body.

In this tradition, postures are held somewhat longer, in order to create space to observe the sensations of the body objectively. It also involves the use of supportive tools, such as the BackMitra®, helping to relax the superficial muscles of the back and strengthening the deeper layers, preparing them for dynamic sequences that will give them greater mobility and strength.

Using tools to restore your health

By using tools to support the body during practice, you can create internal space and release incorrect tension. When we are supported we feel safe, when we feel safe we can move freely, and when we can move freely health can be restored.

Aligns and strengthens your back

Learning to relax the body by aligning the spine and the different curves in the back will provide you with a strong and healthy posture and nervous system. Improving not only the practice itself, but also your daily life.

Increases mobility, flexibility & stability

Creating the correct flexibility and tension in the body forms the basis for a healthy stability of all our joints, which can not only be felt during yoga practice, but throughout all layers of our being.

Is Restorative Alignment something for me?

Restorative Alignment is a gentle practice focused on restoring the physical, mental and emotional body, so anyone seeking to develop personal wellbeing is welcome to practice it.

Prevent injuries
This practice helps to restore injuries and prevent them.

Improve your posture
This practice will help you strengthen the elements of the body that you need to develop a healthier body posture.

Learn from a different perspective
For yoga practitioners or teachers who want to learn from a new perspective.

Office jobs
If you are a person looking to compensate for hours of inactivity, this technique can help you.

Sportsmen and women and other trades
If your sport or occupation involves repetitive movements, this practice will help you prevent the imbalances that these repetitive movements can cause.

What people say about Restorative Alignment


The BackMitra is an effective tool that will help you improve your posture and strengthen your back. With just 10 to 15 minutes of easy-to-do exercises a day, you will see results in just a few weeks.

  • Improves posture
  • Relieves and prevents pain in the hip, back, neck and shoulder region
  • Reduces sports injuries by restoring mobility
  • Supports and enhances yoga practice

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