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My name is Brigitte Longueville, I am the founder of the yoga technique Restorative Alignment, I am also co-founder of Solstice Yoga Center and co-inventor of the BackMitra®.

For over 33 years I have traveled the path of yoga, 22 of which I have dedicated to imparting my knowledge to students around the world and have maintained a sustained practice of Vipassana meditation for 21 years.

I welcome you to the Restorative Alignment website, here you can find a list of upcoming Retreats, Teacher Trainings and Continuing Education courses. You can also find a Frequently Asked Questions page where you will find answers to questions you may have related to programmed events, the Restorative Alignment yoga technique, my personal practice, and many other questions you may have.

Yoga Vacation Retreats

5 days

Location: Solstice Yoga Center (Oaxaca, Mexico)

Discover how you can transform your mind and body during Restorative Alignment retreats by the sea on the paradisiacal Oaxacan coast. We begin early in the morning with a meditation practice, followed by the practice of breath awareness (pranayama), dynamic asanas and restorative postures. On the mat you will be able to let go of the tiredness of the mental, physical and emotional body, feeling completely revitalized.

Teacher Trainings

21 days
Yoga Alliance certified (RYT200)

Location: Solstice Yoga Center (Oaxaca, Mexico)

Begin the adventure of a lifetime by immersing yourself in the practice, study and teachings of Restorative Alignment. These acclaimed teacher trainings are for those who want to teach with confidence, improve their teaching skills, or just deepen their personal practice. During the training you will have the opportunity to be absorbed without distractions in an environment of community, study, and practice on the beautiful Oaxacan coast.

Continuing Education

4 and 6 day courses
Yoga Alliance YACEP Courses

Location: Solstice Yoga Center (Oaxaca, Mexico)

Are you a yoga professional or a curious practitioner and wish to deepen your knowledge and refine your techniques? Then these courses are for you!

Restorative Alignment helps to develop the correct tension in the body, providing a relaxed, strong and healthy posture and nervous system

Creating a foundation for stability in all joints

What is Restorative Alignment?

Restorative Alignment is a technique that originates in restorative yoga and provides the practitioner with the knowledge to relax the body through gravity and natural breathing, based on the realization of body postures focused on the mobilization of the spine and joints, which restore from the inside, in a conscious and dynamic way, the energetic, emotional and physical body.

In this tradition, postures are held somewhat longer, creating space to observe the sensations of the body quietly and objectively. It also involves the use of supportive tools, such as the BackMitra®, helping to relax the superficial muscles of the back and strengthening the deeper layers, preparing them for dynamic sequences that will give them greater mobility and strength, and as a result improving body posture.

Using tools to restore your health

By using tools to support the body during practice, you can create internal space and release incorrect tension. When we are supported we feel safe, when we feel safe we can move freely, and when we can move freely health can be restored.

Aligns & strengthens your back

Learning to relax the body by aligning the spine and the different curves in the back will provide you with a strong and healthy posture and nervous system. Improving not only the practice itself, but also your daily life.

Increases mobility, flexibility & stability

Creating the correct flexibility and tension in the body forms the basis for a healthy stability of all our joints, which can not only be felt during yoga practice, but throughout all layers of our being.

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