Restorative Alignment and the Yin Yoga Meridians| 30 hours YACEP | Shambala Centro de Yoga y Bienestar, Puebla| February 8th to 11th , 2024

February 8, 2024

February 11, 2024



February 8, 2024




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Las Animas

- The meeting of the Restorative Alignment and the Yin Yoga Meridians -

Yin yoga is a style of physical and mental yoga based on the meridian theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, whose main objective is to keep the internal organs and connective tissue such as bones, joints, ligaments and fascia in a healthy condition.

It is performed using postures originating from traditional styles of yoga with certain modifications and held for periods of time ranging from one minute to longer periods.

Yin yoga is the ideal complement to an active or yang practice.

During this 30-hour training, we will combine restorative and relaxing strength with the stretching of different meridians of our body.

Course topics

  • Grief and sadness (Lungs/Gut).
  • Thoughts and worry (Spleen/Stomach)
  • Joy and over-excitement (Heart/Small Intestine)
  • Fear (Kidney/Urinary Bladder)
  • Anger (Liver/Biliary Gallbladder)